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    Ratings of Prospects

    Here are my ratings on young players on a scale from 1(worst) to 10(best).

    Alfonso Soriano-8(I'm sure I'll be critisized for this opinion, but due to his poor hitting in Winter Ball and in AAA I'm reluctant to giving him a starting job anytime in 2000. Personally, I think Jimenez is prepared more.)

    D'Angelo Jimenez-10(My favorite of the prospects. He hit 15 homers and had 88 rbi's in AAA while batting .326 or something. Not to mention his great speed and patience. His 4 hit game last year was a sign for things to come.)

    Nick Johnson-9(The 1st baseman in 2001. He is similar to John Olerud, I think, but he has everything John has and more. Great defense, probably a future gold glover, average, easily will hit over .300, and patience, over 120 walks, I believe. In 2000 he'll develop his power, and be the main guy in 2001. A huge imiprovement over Tino.)

    Ed Yarnall-8(He has to be ready for the big leagues because he'll be in the starting rotation this year. It's amazing how quickly the Mets and Marlins traded him. They obviously didn't realize his tremendous talent. While he got pounded in Baltimore in a start last year, he was otherwise superb. Gott slider, fastball, and he strikes out guys on a consistent bases. He will be very similar to the '96 and '97 Andy Pettite if his Minor League stats are any indication.)

    Coming soon....Ryan Bradley,Drew Henson,and Luis De Los Santos.

    I agree with you. Tino will be the Yankees starting 1st baseman, and apparently he's doing a nice job with out. The one thing I stand by however, is that once Johnson gets his power, will be a superb player. Just for fun, I'll compare who's better at what.

    Average-Johnson. Tino used to be very good, but Johnson has hit well over .300 in the minors.

    Power-Tino. As of now, Johnson only has limited power. Tino, while not the strongest of the 1st baseman, has proved that when he's not in a slump, he is very, very powerful.

    Baserunning-Johnson. While not very important Johnson has proven that he could steal around 15 bases if allowed, while Tino could steal 15 if allowed, while getting caught around 15.

    Defense-Tie. I know Johnson has a great glove and so does Tino. Nobody can turn a 3-6-3 double play like Tino does. Johnson has a good arm, but it isn't used a lot at 1st base.

    K/BB ratio-Johnson. While Tino doesn't strike out a lot, he doesn't have the patience of Johnson. Johnson walked around 125 times. Tino could walk about 75 in a good year.

    Overall-Johnson,by a small margin for now. In 5 years, Johnson will probably have stats like this:
    AB-555 SB-16

    This is just my opinion. I will gladly respond to anyone elses.


      princess99 - Actually, Nick Johnson hasn't proven that he can hit for power. Although with a strict weight training program and a short rigthfield porch in rightfield, his power numbers would probably improve. The problem is that his approach to the plate, while it gives him an ability to hit for high average, actually makes it harder for him to pull a fastball.


        about Tino and Nick.. (and I'll try to be nice..he he he) About Nick being the 1b in 2001, I think perhaps no. The Yankees don't usually just hand a starting position to a rookie (I.E. Jorge and Joey G).Give Nick 1 or 2 yrs to get adapted to the Major League level. What if (Knock on Wood) Nick is a bust? then what happens? Give him time. Great Ballplayers weren't made in 1 day

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          Nick does have a tendency to swing a little inside out, which takes away from his power. The big thing, though, is that he was 20 years old in AA. That is about 3 years young for the league. This is a good thing, especially given his performance, but it does indicate that he will grow stronger. As with most young players, he needs repetition. To bring him up to the ML level to let him "learn the game" as someone's backup is a deterrent to his development. If he performs well in AAA this year then he is ready for the ML and you can't hold him back.


            Can't remember where I read it but reports are that Johnson has increased his upper body strenght more this winter. It was from a non-YANKEE scout but I can not remember who. I Think that when the YANKEES bring him up it will be as a back up rather than a starter.

            My best guess is that Tino ha spleanty of bang in his bat. He generated his fair share of RBI last year and he deserved a gold glove.

            It will be nice if Torre is presented with what is becoming a very typical YANKEE "dilema"...choosing between two great players rather than praying that a mediocre player will work miracles. Most teams are faced with the latter dilema each spring and would love to have such concerns like the YANKEES have. Life is beautifull, we are mulling over what the YANKEES will eventualy do in choosing between a fantastic first baseman and a possible future fantastic first baseman. The future looks bright.

            If you don't like the YANKEES go to another sight.


              Yanks did hand over a starting job to a rookie. SS to Jeter. Rookie of the year. Johnson will get the job not only because he should be ready, but Tino will be a salary casualty.

              For rookies don't worry much about power. That will come. You want good defense, good bat control, base running and the ability to make adjustments.



                Bern51-- You forgot on-base percentage. OBP is a huge factor in a player's productivity, and Nick Johnson's got it coming out the wazoo...



                  THe Yankees AA park is a very difficult HR park so that's another reason why Nick Johnson's HR totals were a bit low. But he's still young so I would expect him to hit 25-30 HR a year eventually. Remember Mattingly had even less power in the minors and hit as much as 35 HR in the big leagues.



                    How is Johnson rated higher than Soriano?
                    Soriano proved himself in AAA ball, Johnson has only played AA.

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                      How did Soriano prove himself at AAA?He didn't hit at AAA.

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