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    Originally posted by ymike673 View Post
    Really enjoying this. Brings back so many memories. Both good and bad.
    I just finished watching The Captain, episodes 3 & 4, last night and like CalYankeeFan said I felt "a lot of the same emotions all over again... the chills of excitement and disappointment"...Also, as you pointed out, it "Brings back so many memories. Both good and bad."

    For me, I'll never forget when Grady Little didn't pull Pedro Mart?nez. I was watching and saying to myself...
    ..."Don't pull him, don't pull him, don't pull him,..." and when he didn't, I turned to my son-in-law (who was watching with me) and screamed "we got 'em now...YES !"
    He replied "You're effin' crazy.". I turned and told him "What the hell do you're a Phillies fan !" LOL...LOL...LOL...
    Man alive, they sure were good times...
    "The Yankee is one who, if he once gets his teeth set on a thing, all creation can't make him let go." Ralph Waldo Emerson