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NYYF Community Standards


  • NYYF Community Standards Community Standards and Posting Guidelines
    These Community Standards are meant to serve as a guide and set of rules for the style of posting that is expected on this forum. The overwhelming majority of users on reflect these standards in their posts and do not violate these rules. Regardless, everyone should read and be familiar with these guidelines. It is important to emphasize that these Community Standards do not, in any way, limit the actions the moderating staff may take in various situations, as it is impossible to capture every possible scenario in this document. Additionally, the Community Standards comprise a living document and will be modified, as needed and without notice, at the discretion of the moderating staff.

    Provided that users do not post anything disruptive, and their opinions are expressed in a thoughtful and considerate manner, the likelihood of a post being moderated or the user being banned or suspended is very low. The main principle users should keep in mind when posting here is self-moderation. Please carefully consider what you are saying, and its potential impact, before you post.

    Moderating Principles:
    The moderating staff is here to ensure that everyone who posts on this site is able to feel comfortable voicing their opinions without fear of being ridiculed, shamed, squelched, mocked, harassed, or insulted. The moderating staff will not hesitate to employ all moderating tools available to them in order to maintain a civil and open environment.

    All moderators are instructed not to engage in dialogues surrounding actions they have taken. In some cases, a moderator may choose to provide the reasoning behind a decision, but they are not required to justify their decisions or debate the merits of their decisions with users. If a user has any issue with forum moderating, they should not post these issues on the forum. Rather, users are encouraged to contact members of the administrative and/or moderation teams via the site’s private message (PM) feature. Please keep in mind that our moderators are generous volunteers and always attempt to follow the rules and guidelines in an even-handed, reasonable, and just manner.

    Respect Everyone's Opinion:
    It is imperative that users treat fellow forum members with respect. Disagreeing with another user’s opinion does not give one the right to insult or otherwise demean that user. Differing opinions are not necessarily wrong ones and may, in fact, be proven correct over time. It is the goal of the moderating team to make sure that all users feel comfortable posting their opinions. Insults, whether direct or indirect (e.g. - "Only a moron would think that signing Johnny Ballplayer was a good move"), are not permitted and will result in suspension or permanent banishment. In addition, any attempts to suppress or silence the opinions of other users will not be tolerated.

    Insulting/Bashing Other Users, Trolling, etc.:
    Any user who insults or bashes another user, either directly or subtly (using avatars, comments in sig files, custom user titles, coded messages or any other means), is in violation of the Community Standards and may have their posting privileges revoked, without warning. Likewise, trolling is not allowed. Since trolling is a de facto attempt to provoke other users into a conflictual interaction, it is subject to the same remedial actions as are insults or bashes of other posters. Please DO NOT respond to trolls - you'll only make the situation worse. Instead, report these offense to the moderators via the report function on the forum.

    Discriminatory Language:
    Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist or any other kind of discriminatory remarks or sentiments will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape, manner, or form. Offending users will be suspended or banned, based upon the severity of the infraction.

    Politics and Religion:
    Because of the sensitive nature of political discussions, these conversations will be strictly limited to specific threads. This allows users wishing to avoid such discussions the ability to do so. However, even in these threads, disrespect towards other members who have differing opinions will not be tolerated. Moderators can, at their discretion, close threads or temporarily ban these topics.

    The discussion of religion is limited to the role that various religions have played in history and some discussion of the role religion plays in current events. Posts that insult or demean the religious beliefs of others and/or attack any specific religion are not permitted and will be cause for immediate moderation.

    "True" or "Real" Yankee Fans:
    Whether users watch one game a year and only keep up with the team via highlights and online outlets or they watch every game live, they are Yankees fans. Tenure of fandom is likewise not to be used as a determinant of a poster’s status as a fan. Everyone chooses to be a fan in different ways and all are equally valid forms. There is no such thing as a "true" or "real" fan. Any discussion of what kind of fan someone is can only lead to insulting or offending other users. Therefore posts/threads that question someone's fandom are not permitted.

    Excessive Negativity:
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and some of that opinion may be negative, whether it concerns a player, coach, the front office, or the entire organization. However, constant and excessive negative posting, either in one thread or spread out over numerous threads, is frowned upon, and is subject to moderation.

    "Adult" Material:
    This is a public forum, which can be accessed by anyone, including minors. For this reason, sexually explicit pictures and or discussions are expressly not permitted.

    Inappropriate Language:
    Users are not permitted to use profanity on this forum (this includes masked profanities of any kind). Any posts which include profanity (or masked profanity) are subject to editing or deletion and the offending poster is subject to suspension or banishment.

    Edited, Moved, or Deleted Posts/Threads:
    By posting on this forum, the user acknowledges that their posts may be edited, moved, or deleted at the sole discretion of the moderators and that all posts are accepted at the sole discretion of Freedom of speech does not apply here - only these guidelines and the discretion of the moderating staff apply.

    Explanations for Edited, Moved, or Deleted Posts/Threads:
    If your post is edited, moved, or deleted and the moderator responsible does not leave an explanation, you may ask a forum moderator about it via the site’s PM feature. Users may not post about moderator decisions on the forum. Doing so will result in suspension or permanent revocation of posting privileges.

    Reporting Posts to a Moderator:
    Do not take it upon yourself to chastise or "moderate" another user when they do not follow these guidelines. If you see a post that is inappropriate, click on the "Report Post" indicator. You're not being a snitch, and the person you're reporting won't know who reported them. This is, by far, the best way for the community to police itself, since all the moderators receive these notifications.

    Getting Banned:
    Any user may be banned for just cause at any time by username, IP address, or any other identifier without any prior warning and without any explanation.

    User Accounts:
    Users are entitled to one account. If the moderation and/or administrative team discover that a user has more than one account, they will be banned from all accounts. If it is determined that a poster was previously banned and has re-registered under a new name, they will be banned immediately. This will occur without notice and without regard to how the user has behaved under the new account.

    Spamming or advertising will be promptly deleted and the offending poster will typically be banned immediately.

    Posting Copyrighted Material:
    Due to copyright laws, users may not copy and paste entire articles to the forum. Posters may post quotes and excerpts from articles, as long as they also provide a direct link to the entire article. In addition, please do not post copyrighted photos from other websites.

    Posting Personal Information:
    We urge all of our users to exercise caution regarding the posting of personal information (including photos). Please be aware that, if a user chooses to post personal information, they do so at their own risk and assumes no responsibility for the decision to post said personal information.

    Contacting Other Users via PM:
    Any user who sends obscene, threatening, and/or insulting messages to any other user via the forum’s PM feature will immediately have their posting rights revoked. Further, any and all other uses of the private messaging system to harass or intimidate other posters will not be tolerated.

    Finally, any public posting of private messages sent to users from the administration and/or moderation teams will result in immediate and permanent revocation of posting privileges.

    Fans of Other Teams:
    We welcome all types of fans here, even fans of other teams, provided they follow the Community Standards. This site is primarily for Yankees fans and will always have a Bronx bias, but we will not ban users just because they are fans of other teams.

    Considerations for New Threads:

    Keep Threads/Posts On-Topic and in the Right Forum:
    Posting something that does not relate to the intended topic of a thread or starting a thread that does not belong in a forum is not permitted. Such posts will either be moved, deleted, or split into their own threads. Threads that fall into this category, will either be moved or deleted.Â

    Creating New/Duplicate Threads:
    Before creating a new thread, please check the first few pages of the forum and/or other forums to make sure the topic hasn't already been started. Duplicates will either be merged or deleted. In addition, please ask yourself if this new thread has a distinctive purpose. New threads which do not add anything of value to discussion on the site will be moderated.

    Descriptive Thread Titles:
    Please use descriptive titles for threads. With the sheer number of threads on our forum, we ask that everyone be courteous to other users by using thread titles which accurately convey what the topic of the new thread will be.

    Where to Situate New Threads:

    Yankees: Inside The Lines: This forum is for threads that directly relate to the Yankees on the field. This includes, but is not limited to, threads and discussions about the current season, current series, current team events, future roster construction, predictions, possible trades, etc.

    Yankees: Player Performance Threads: In this forum, each player gets one thread devoted exclusively to them for the current season. This has also evolved into a place to have specific threads to discuss the performance of the manager, general manager, and ownership. No other threads should be started here.

    Yankees: Out of Play: Threads that are Yankee related, but not specifically about what happens on the field or in the clubhouse belong here. Examples of those are threads about upcoming Yankees games users will be attending, tickets, TV coverage, web resources, player signings, etc. In other words, if it's not directly related to the Yankees playing on the field, it belongs in Yankees: Out of Play.

    Around the Majors is for threads that involve other teams. That includes trades that other teams make. The magnitude of the trade or how it will affect the Yankees is not relevant; if it's not directly about the Yankees, please situate these threads in “Around the Majors.†We expect that discussions of the other MLB teams will be civil. Do not bait or troll fans of other teams.

    The Sports Bar is a lightly moderated place to have more adult discussions and otherwise talk about things that would be inappropriate elsewhere. The Community Standards still apply, but are somewhat relaxed. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.

    Additionl Rules for Game Threads: See the sticky thread at the top of the Game Thread forum for rules that apply in addition to the above stated Community Standards.

    Other Forums: Other forums not specifically referenced above either speak for themselves or have special instructions contained in sticky threads at the top of their pages. Please refer to these stickies before posting. The Community Standards apply in each and every one of these forums and threads. Users are expected to follow these guidelines and rules across the entirety of the site. Â

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