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    Tribute to a Hero

    I lost my step son, a New York City firefighter, on 9/11. It doesn't seem like only a year -- it feels like ten. Our lives are now distinguished by "before" and "after", and I really can't remember before.

    I have always been a die-hard Yankee fan, but now, winning & losing doesn't seem so important. Paul was a die-hard Mets fan & we had a friendly rivalry over the baseball affections of his sons. I won -- I took them to Yankee games & outfitted them in Yankee gear. Paul was always a good sport about that.

    Now that the Yankees have won the East and the Mets are in last place, I know that Paul is indeed in Heaven and has become a fan of God's team.

    Please visit website honoring our young hero:

    What can one say

    That has not been said by many other`s Your loss and your`e grief, no words can give you solace.Yes, those who gave their most precious lives to save other`s are true American Heroes.
    God Keep & Bless them all.


      My condolences on your loss.

      No Rally Monkeys, Towels or hankies
      Just 50,000 fans of the New York Yankees.


        My best friend and I are in that same situation. He is a Met fan and I am a Yankee fan. We just don't go with the outfit thingy.


        GOD's team is indeed The Yankees!. He has taken our greats and made them better. What has he done with the Mets? They are in last place. So I am sure Paul has asked GOD to do whats right. GOD had tried, but GOD can only go so far. The winning streak the Mets had. That was his sign, but they flattened out and continued downhill. So the point of my post is that Paul has finally looked down and saw that his mothers team was indeed betterof the two and that GOD has convinced him otherwise.

        God Bless Paul and his newly founded home of glory.

        Peace and Amen!