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[NOTICE] New Rule: Posting of full articles no longer permitted

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    [NOTICE] New Rule: Posting of full articles no longer permitted

    We've been getting by for a long time now with requiring links to the original when posting the full text of an article from another web site.

    However, those days are over effective immediately.

    If you would like to post an article, please be aware of the following guidelines.

    The only things permitted in your post are:

    A) The title
    B) The link to the article
    C) The byline
    D) Name of the source publication
    E) Brief Synopsis, which can contain either a short excerpt (25 words or less; surrounded by the [quote][/quote] tags when you post it) OR 2 pertinent quotes from the article.

    These rules are effective immediately for all new posts in all forums on the site.

    Posts containing full length articles not adhering to the above guidelines will be edited to remove the third-party content and warnings will be given. Threads that are started by posting a full length article may be closed, as deemed appropriate by the moderators. Repeat offenders WILL be suspended and if necessary banned.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Jim F.
    "The only thing I know about baseball is that whatever the manager does is wrong" - Moe