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    Hey all,
    I'm sorry if I defend anyone but don't take this the wrong way. It's just that I thought that this webpage was only suppose to be for the New York Yankees? U know the Bronx Bombers? Well I just discovered that you put a place
    for the New York Knicks? It's just that this place is for the New York Yankees not for the New York Knicks? It doesn't belong there.


    I agree! I didn't say anything because I would have been Blitched at again for my thoughtless or whatever u wanna call it thoughts. Thanx for posting!

    Lets Go Yanks!


      I like it - I think most Yankees fans are sports fans in general, and for New Yorkers, the Knicks are a big story!

      Just my two cents, for whatever they're worth...

      To be sane is more dramatic than to be mad - GK Chesterton, Orthodoxy


        they are worth a lot, but Jim was trying to get rid of just conversation for a reason that we all felt was a good one. Now this forum isn't the bronx-bombers.com. its the NY-bombers.com


          I'm sorry you feel that way, Butnud.

          I think that putting a forum for the New York Knicks, to support another one of the NY teams doesn't take away from the Yankees aspect of this page whatsoever. The fact that the majority of the Sports Fans in the NY-Metro area are following the Knicks at this point in the season is a good enough reason to have it, in my opinion. They (we) are either going to talk about the Knicks in their own forum, or in the Conversation forum. The Knicks being in the playoffs is a big event for all NY sports fans. If there wasn't an interest for it, I wouldn't have implemented it.

          The fact that you just noticed it now, after it has been their for over 3 or 4 days, says that it obviously doesn't effect you *too* much.

          I'm sorry it bothers you, but notice that it is the *Other Stuff* category, and not the NY Yankees Category. I try to cater to the NY sportsfan, it is only temporary while the NY Knicks advance through the NBA finals.

          Thank you for your input.

          And Penguin, there won't be any flyers' forums...


            I understand the logic and I accept it. I just feel the the point you made with the just conversation and now the Knicks doesn't relate to the Yankees. But I don't care. As long as The yankees don't get put second I don't really care what else we discuss.

            Team wise that is?

            Hey Jim,
            how come I have posts numbers 471 and 471. I thought 472 comes after 471 but I could be wrong.

            it is in the Memory Lane section, if ya wanna look at it, it is under the batting average triva post.

            [Edited by Butnud on May 24th, 2000 at 12:10 AM]


              :bad-ass:I STILL think this place needs a Flyers forum...

              ~Philadelphia, Penn~


                How about a folder for how much the braves suck?
                I hate the braves so much, that I just had a huge fight
                with my friend David. He hates the Yanks and well jeez
                I hate those Braves!!


                  LOL, jg2!

                  I guarantee you, the vast majority of people on this site hate the braves. However, an "Anti-Braves" forum doesn't seem to "PC" to me.

                  As soon as the NBA playoffs are over, the Knicks forum will be gone. I swear.

                  Take care,