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Standing Board.

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    Standing Board.

    hey Jim,
    Could ya post up on the main page I standings board of the east, so we don't have to go searching the wehole Yankee Network for the standing....

    When i turn on my dail up connection. This is the first place I go so I feel that it would be a plus on this site.

    Hi Rob-

    That's a great idea; in fact I was trying to figure out just today how I could work something like that into the main page. Hopefully I will be able to figure something out sooner rather than later.

    Though I would appreciate it if you would use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum pages ( http://www.bronx-bombers.com/contact.php ) for comments or suggestions regarding the main page, and not the forums. I'm anal when it comes to organization.

    Thanks again!


      oh sorry, but didn't know or thought it was necessary, but will do in the future...