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Does it Belong in a Mega-Thread or Should it Get its Own Thread?

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    Does it Belong in a Mega-Thread or Should it Get its Own Thread?

    The mega-threads, i.e "The Official Player X Performance Thread" have their purpose for discussions such as general commentary and analysis about the players or their performance in recent games. In addition, we don't want users to start a new thread for every little thought about a particular player or game. However, there are some topics that are important enough to have their own thread. We encourage users to start new threads about players or the team when there's something newsworthy.

    Items that are appropriate for their own thread:
    News such as trades, suspensions, injuries, players going on the DL, or players being called up
    Interviews or articles in which a player says something significant such as when Giambi admitted to using "that stuff."
    Milestones and significant accomplishments such as A-Rod's 500th homerun

    Items that should remain in the mega-threads:
    General discussion and thoughts on specific players that aren't necessarily tied into something newsworthy
    Analysis of a player's performance in the prior game or during the season
    Speculation on whether a player will be traded or re-signed

    Keep in mind that even though you are encouraged to start new threads for news and events that relate to the Yankees, threads may still be merged or closed at any time if the topic of your thread is being discussed at length elsewhere or is better suited for one of the mega-threads.

    Please let us know if you have any questions in the thread on this topic in the Suggestion Box.

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